Posting Policy

Posting Materials
The Miller Learning Center has 12 bulletin boards in the building that may be used for posting materials such as flyers, advertisements, or announcements. The bulletin boards are located in each of the 8 elevator lobbies and the 4 vending areas of the building. These are the only locations in or around the building on which materials may be posted; materials posted in other locations will be removed and discarded.

Only registered student organizations and UGA departments may advertise in the MLC or on the UGA Campus. All materials must be approved and stamped at the MLC Security Desk prior to being posted to building bulletin boards. All materials that are posted without proper approval will be removed and discarded.  Outdated or non-dated material will be removed on a weekly basis. Please note that campus policy prevents commercial advertising and/or promotion of any commercial business.

See the University of Georgia's Advertising Guidelines for more information.


The use of chalk to write messages, advertisements, etc. is prohibited in and around the Miller Learning Center. This includes building walls, walkways, and sidewalks around the building. Chalking constitutes a “malicious or unwarranted damage or destruction of items of University property.” Any organization identified to have damaged University property in this manner will be assessed an appropriate clean-up charge and may face organizational sanctions. (See the University of Georgia Code of Conduct.)